Results Are in; The Real Winner at the January Collector Car Auctions Are?

Results Are in; The Real Winner at the January Collector Car Auctions Are?

Classic Car News – Spring 2014 by A V Monopoli

The Super Bowl is the most followed event in January. The Super Bowl is the result of a lot of games being played with an end result of just two teams, that make it. The most followed event in January is a conglomeration of Collector Car Auctions that include The Barrett Jackson, RM, Russo and Steele, Gooding, Silver and Mecum auction in Florida. They kick off our yearlong Super Season of buying and selling  different types of vehicles that are made up of Race Cars, Classics, Historical vehicles, Fifties, Sixties, Muscle cars, modern and historic Exotics, Hot Rods, Customs, Street Rods and Memorabilia.

The results from these auctions are a Barometer by which the Collector Car Market is gauged. The variables that could add or detract to this would be the economy, the stock market, interest rates, the longevity of our seniors and their accumulated wealth. The same goes for our overseas enthusiasts.

When we ask, who the real winner is? You might be thinking that we are comparing auctions. Actually we are talking consumers, collectors, fans, and let us not leave out dealers in to the mix.

Hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts flock to the January Collector Car Auctions in Arizona and Florida to catch the auction action. The Barrett Jackson is the event that continues to shine. Each year they have improved on the Event that is the Star of Arizona in January.  If you are one of the stay at homers just turn on the heat and cozy up around the TV set to bask in the gleam of the cars in the AZ sunshine. I have attended many of these auctions and after leaving the grounds and going for diner at a Sports Bars in and around Scottsdale they are tuned into the Barrett Jackson Auction “Live”.

I had a little trouble getting the coverage here in NJ this year with the change from Speed to Fox Sports network, while using an unfamiliar cable provider at the time. I hope they sort that stuff out, because the old Speed Channel made it easy. I have my friend with a Satellite provider in Maine record the entire Barrett Jackson and Mecum auctions for office viewing throughout the year and I will be lost without John Zoytnia spending his time recording them to multiple channel locations need to follow them.

As a writer you can’t beat the wealth of story-lines and interview possibilities for those of us that attend, Celebrities bring their cars, products and Memorabilia to hawk and sell, Let us not forget promoting their favorite charities and foundations.

George Barris is seen just chilling out at the Barrett Jackson Auction in January 2014. And why not? In 2013 millions watched speed channel as he sold the Batmobile for $4.62 million dollars at the Barrett Jackson.

TJ Hirsch and Trevor D Hussak get in this photo with Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey (Low and Slow Star). TJ and Trevor are both IAAA Auto Appraisers from Buffalo NY that are there to participate in IAAA AAAIC training



The Art of Vintage Restoration Seminar was one of two at the Russo and Steele Auction.
Left to right, Drew Alcazar, Bob Smith, Alan Taylor, and Lance Coren were speakers.


They are each experts from their respective fields of Auctioneer, car collector, auto restorer and renowned auto appraiser.

Seminars are the educational factor for collectors and professionals in the collector car industry. The  Russo and Steele auction held one of the several seminars which attendees of the Arizona auctions had the opportunity to attend. The other Russo and Steele Seminar was the titled Vintage Racing: Putting the Pedal to the Metal. They were both popular with collectors who attended the Russo and Steele event..

The Auctions bring Famous Cars like the GM Future Liner, The Bat Mobile, The Mongoose and the Snake Hot Wheel Funny Cars complete with their matching Car Carriers and a life size Hot Wheels Track display. The Rebel Corvette pictured with none other than Zora Arkus Duntov in the driver seat was sold at the Barrett Jackson auction. Kevin Mackay restored it and handled bringing the Rebel to auction chore. The Photo is from the © Bill Erdman photo Archives.

The International Automotive Appraisers invited Collector car industry professionals and IAAA appraisers from the US and Canada to participate in the AAAIC (All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference™) which was the Association’s eleventh Annual event.  The AAAIC brings professional appraisers associated with the auto appraisal industry together to share concerns, solve common problems and strengthen their profession through the IAAA/AAAIC continuing education programs. The IAAA USAAP (Uniform Standards for Automotive Appraisal Procedures) and AMA (Automediators Association) umpire training, testing and certifications were born out of the IAAA/AAAIC. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in an informative question and answer session with some of the most knowledgeable speakers from the automotive specialty sector and the automotive insurance industry..

Click here to read more about it at All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference™ 

Collector car “people ” should travel to Scottsdale AZ in January to Collector Car Super Bowl for education, entertainment or just to get out of the cold..

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