About the IAAA

The International Automotive Appraisers Association (IAAA) was established in 1994 by a group of automotive appraisers that saw a need for unification and recognition of fellow automotive appraisers by many entities including government agencies. Our current roster includes Professional Appraisers that serve clients around the world.

The IAAA has developed a strict Code of Ethics and the Uniform Standards for Automotive Appraisal Procedure (USAAP). The procedures were established to promote and preserve the public trust with the original draft established in 2007. Ethics are followed  as good business practices. The IAAA USAAP are propitiatory for its’ members. They are a first in the automotive appraisal industry, in that they are specific & unique to the community that IAAA automotive appraisers serve.

The goals of the Association include, educating and training automotive appraisers and promoting professionalism among the member appraisers.

The Association members are represented and identified on the advisory board of the J.D. Power N.A.D.A. Classic, Collectible and Special Interest Car Appraisal Guide. Those in the know rely on the IAAA for input about the valuation process of automobiles. The IAAA Diminished Value programs and certifications have been specifically named in a Judge’s, written decision as a determining their factor. He has written that the decision was made because of the experts International Automobile Appraisers Association Diminished Value Training and Certifications. Although, that was just one favorable result, many courts rely on our website to verify their experts credentials and program designations.

Insurers, Lenders and Industry leaders who service the automotive industry rely on IAAA Certified Automotive Appraisers to provide legally compliant and credible appraisals. IAAA members who participate in IAAA/Auto Mediator Association training become certified Umpires. They are available to reside over the Appraisal Clause/Arbitration and the Right to Appraisal processes. The process is an affordable solution to resolving differences based on disputed, appraisal values or Insurance damage estimates. The Associations “Red Button” identified on the Home Page Ribbon as Find an Appraiser can be used to access a Map. Each State page identifies IAAA Certified members, their identification numbers and the year they joined the association. IAAA Master Appraiser Members and Auto Mediator Association Umpires who have trained, tested and are certified are verified along with other IAAA valued professional designations.

IAAA Association Members have the opportunity to participate in continuing Education programs that are verifiable by viewing the Find an Appraiser area. The IAAA members have been invited to attend the AAAIC (All Auto Industry International Conference) that has taken place since 2004. AAAIC has taken place in AZ, CA, CT, FL, PA, along with other on-line training venues. The AAAIC is a natural outgrowth of the IAAA where acclaimed speakers have an opportunity to provide input and insights that benefit the IAAA and attendees. 

Each member’s contact information includes, phone number, email and websites when available to individuals.  For information about being part of the oldest-largest most professionally respected Automotive Appraisers Association use the “Join” link on the home page. The IAAA is an important asset for valid credentialed Appraisers so feel free to report appraisers who are not listed and claiming IAAA certifications. 

Press to see why you should hire an IAAA Certified Appraiser on YouTube
Press to see why you should hire an IAAA Certified Appraiser on YouTube