The Classic Car News Timeline & Index Archive

The Classic Car News Timeline & Index Archive

The IAAA is providing PDF copies of the Classic Car News for your reading enjoyment. They can be viewed or printed. To access the CC.N PDF click on the links.

2001 – Volume 1

The First Classic Car News coverage included the Barrett Jackson 30th, Kruse, Mitch-Silver, Russo and Steele and the R M auctions, along with the first IAAA West Coast Meeting.

2001 – Volume 3

Classic Car News coverage of the Face-Off starts with Greenwich vs… Pebble Beach and you decide the winner. They came to the Monterey Peninsula to attend the Monterey Vintage Race at Laguna Seca Raceway … PB’s own vintage car road rally and the Concorso Italiano at the Quail Lodge … Bonham’s & Brooks, Christie’s, R & M and the Russo Steele auctions also help draw these crowds … Hot Rods at Pebble Beach.

January 2002 – Volume 4

Classic Car News coverage EAST vs. WEST Concours d ‘Elegance, Greenwich vs. Pebble Beach continued, West Coast coverage includes Concorso Italiano, Russo/Steele and we go east to Fall Hershey, Spring Carlisle and The AACA Trade Show … Barrett-Jackson, Russo/Steele and R & M Arizona auctions … The CCN time line was about the Bad Three … recession, terrorist attacks and the war.

March 2002 – Volume 5

Classic Car News coverage provides the first look at Barrett-Jackson 2002 and the
140K 67 Corvette … My Opinion declared that soothsayers would have you believe
that all the prices were on cloud nine, but look carefully at the result sheets and
weep-you missed a lot of good deals. Barrett-Jackson won the highest sell-
through award again … without reserve! I gloated because the Arizona auctions had
something for the collector, investor and dealer (something for everyone)  … .I am
gloating because I told you so!

June 2002 – Volume 6

Classic Car News coverage provides a photo that could be a scene in Italy or
Concorso Italiano at the Quail Lodge ... Mr. Sergio Pininfarina was on hand to
sign autographs … Appraisals vs. Pre-Purchase Inspections ... My Opinion-Was
this a theme that you heard others using after TM said it? Is the upsurge in classic
car buying a result of passionate collectors, or have these factors caused investors
to see classic cars differently?

September 2002 Volume 7

Classic Car News coverage provides a take on the Shape a/the Car Market vs. the other Markets … Greenwich Concours d ‘Elegance … the Maybach Global Premiere … Mr. Lance Coren Reports on Monterey 2002!

March 2003 – Volume 8

Classic Car News coverage provides an article about Shelby … Then read my
Corvette Fever article, which started out by asking, “Can you name a British sports
car that utilized an American drive-train and was sold by Carroll Shelby?” … If you
think the answer is Cobra, guess again.

July 2003 – CCN 9

Classic Car News coverage included an article about the 1st East Coast Barrett-Jackson Auction, Guess what the sell-through was . SEMA IAS L.A. Future Classics Coverage the 9th annual Greenwich Concours d’ Elegance.

December 2003 – Volume 10

Classic Car News coverage provides an article about Jay Lena’s 1956 Buick in the
2003 GM Display at SEMA … the IAAA announces the First All Auto Appraisal
Industry Conference …
eBay interview … the publisher of the NADA Classic &
Collector Guides gives his take on the market.  A SEMA show review, Jack Roush
(Cat in the Hat).

March 2004 – Volume 11

Classic Car News coverage provides an article about an inside view of the 33rd
Barrett-Jackson Auction and their top 25 sales. Chip Foose unveils his latest
creation. The All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference … My Opinion was right
by calling the Barrett-Jackson Auction the market barometer. .. Read what the
editor of the NADA Collector Car Price Guide said. We discuss the chatter of
Nuevo Collectors and info on a gentleman who cornered the market on a
Callaway Corvettes.

December 2004 – Volume 12

Classic Car News coverage headline is “Can You Top This?”… The question is when and where? If you know the answer, tell me? The IAAA announces Russo/Steel seminar. Is it all about REALITY AUCTION TV?   The Barrett-Jackson West Palm Beach Florida 2004. A week of Monterey by Lance Coren and a second ’69 Ford Trans-Am Mustang breaks the previous world record by selling for how much?

August 2005 – Volume 14

Classic Car News coverage includes an interview with Steve Saleen. The Barrett Jackson Scottsdale and the Coupe De Grace of the Barrett-Jackson West Palm Beach the AAAIC AII-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference inducts Don Christy, publisher and CEO of the NADA Classic Collector Car Price Guides, inducted into the AAAIC Hall of Fame. Paris Mangelsdorf gives her view about the next generation of hot rods.

December 2005 – Volume 15

Classic Car News coverage includes Barrett-Jackson, The newest NYC Auction, the SEMA show and unveiling of the 2006 Motion Performance Camaro.  My Opinion-Were Collector
Cars at their top? The  AII-Auto-Appraisal-lndustry-Conference, the IAAA Russo and Steele Auction Seminar.

June 2006 – Volume 16 

Classic Car News coverage includes Barrett-Jackson AZ and FL.Tony Monopoli interviews the legendary Carroll Shelby at the NYC 2006 Auto Show. IAAA Russo Steele Seminar Scottsdale .The AII-Auto-Appraisal-Industry Conference the new auction in town springs into action at Carlisle

Spring 2007 – Volume 17

My Opinion by Tony Monopoli. Craig Jackson’s Side of the Story. Pebble Beach,Concorso Italiano, RM, Russo and Stele, Gooding & Co. and Monterey. Shelby’s toy and his mule sell on eBay. Auto mediation-Have your People Call Our People.  “Sold-Sold-Sold” is Barrett-Jackson AZ, Vistng Amelia Island. Is West Palm Woody-World?

2009 CNN 18

The world Waits for January 2010 Just to See If Barrett Jackson could pull it off again. Tony Monopoli asked readers to not throw shoes if his opinion wasn’t right.

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