D Day 1944 Every Car Has A Story

D Day 1944 Every Car Has A Story

This Citroen’s Story










Every Car has a story and this 1934 Citroen 7 B Cabriolet has one that dates back to 1944. I thought D Day was an appropriate time to tell this cars story. The D Day marks the Normandy landings that took place on June 6th 1944. The Allies a calibration of American, British and Canadian Troops began landing on the coast of France invaded Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. It is referred to as D-Day and it was the largest seaborne invasion in history. The allies Code-named it “Operation Neptune”. At the time, the operation began the liberation of German-occupied France (and later Western Europe) that was under Nazi control. The invasion by Allied Forces laid the foundation of victory on the Western Front. Ten thousands Soldiers died that day but the operation was eventually successful. You can read more about the invasion of Normandy, known as D Day, at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normandy_landings.

Let’s get back to the 1934 Citroen 7 B Cabriolet and its story. My knowledge of the Citroen started with a phone call to appraise the car. A person from the southern part of NJ called me because they were considering selling it. As an appraiser, I have the opportunity to learn a lot about cars when I do my job because they always come with some sort of history. As they say, every car has a story. Of course we learn about the people and places associated with them as well as their provenance (The Story). Most stories have to do with who owned, built, raced or drove it. This story had that and more! Interestingly, it had to do with this Citroen’s own liberation starting on that D Day of June 6th 1944. The Citroen survived the war and its bombings with the help from American Soldiers who commandeered the car and put it in a safe until they could get back to it. After things settled down, the soldiers who were later stationed in France had the chance to get the car up and running with help from thankful French Countrymen. When they returned home they decided to send the Citroen to the US. This resulted in the car being quarantined by US officials for document related issues. Thankfully, the French Government intervened to get it released. Unfortunately, the elements took its toll on it when it was detained by customs. Ultimately, it was liberated by the same soldier who saved it from the bombing and the War. The Car survived the Germans and Customs before finding its way to NJ, where it was “restored by its present owner”

I arrived in a Southern Jersey Town, expecting to see just an old car that needed to be appraised. Instead I found a Citroen with story that should be shared.


Pictured Above are the American Soldiers enjoying the Citroen while in France 
I have included an 8 Page Letter that was written many years ago by one of the soldiers that was part of that D Day invasion,. He saved France and the Citroen from the perils of the War (Our Hero). I think you will find his letter hard to read but interesting. He wrote about about his experience that D Day and how and how long it took him to save the Citroen that survived the German-occupation and that D Day Invasion.

A Soldiers Letter Page 1

A Soldiers Letter Page 2

A Soldiers Letter Page 3

A Soldiers Letter Page 4

A Soldiers Letter Page 5

A Soldiers Letter Page 6

A Soldiers Letter Page 7

A Soldiers Letter Page 8

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