IAAA Up and Coming News Mid Year 2013

IAAA Up and Coming News  Mid Year 2013

The IAAA will hold the 11th All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference (AAAIC) annual training symposium January, of 2014 in Scottsdale Arizona. Scottsdale has become the epicenter of the Automotive Collector car world, where thousands of collector cars are bought and sold yearly.  Scottsdale has become the epicenter of the Automotive Collector car world where thousands of collector cars are bought and sold yearly.  The Auctions take place in January set the pace of the Collector Car market for the upcoming year. The world watches the Barrett Jackson Auction live on Speed, which is now parts Fox Sports as trends are set by the Collector Car Gorilla. The world watches the Barrett Jackson Auction live on Speed, which is now parts Fox Sports as trends are set. The other auctions including RM, Gooding, Russo and Steele, Bonham and the Silver Auction dockets bring thousands of cars from sellers to buyers simultaneously. The Collector Car events are written about and seen though the Internet, TV and print media around the world. The worldwide coverage brings buyers and bidders who participate in person, by phone and though the Internet. Spectators descend on Scottsdale in cars planes and motor homes.  And I even spotted a few Amphicars. The backdrop is a perfect opportunity for Auto Appraiser to get first hand news and views of the vehicles that many collectors see, Collectors who watch and read about the cars and prices use the media to gauge the values on them without inspecting them are at a disadvantage. All the reasons listed above are why the International Automotive Appraisers Association choose Scottsdale as its premiere destination for the first official west coast regional meeting during the Barrett Jackson Auction in 2001. Those early meetings were held in the Hagerty Insurance company booth and later in their lounge which was on the auction grounds. The IAAA started the AAAIC in January of 2004 for the purpose of bringing automotive appraisers and industry leaders together to discuss issues that pertain to the Automotive, Insurance Industry legal matters. The IAAA hosted its Tenth Annual All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference this January, 2013 in Scottsdale. The IAAA/AAAIC brought IAAA members and Industry Professionals associated with the auto appraisal & automotive industries together to share concerns, solve common problems and strengthen their profession through the IAAA/AAAIC continuing education (CEU) program. The AAAIC was used to announce and demonstrate the re-launch of three of the Associations websites. The Classic Car News is on (http://www.auto-appraisers.com). The All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference website is http://www.all-auto-appraisal-industry-conference) which isconsidered the official IAAA training providers website. The IAAA Automediator Association website is (WWW.automediatorsassociation.com) its primary function is to explain and introduce the benefits of the Appraisal Clause as it benefits consumers and Insurers alike. The IAAA has taken the initiative to train, test and certify unbiased Appraisal Clause Umpires that are part of the IAAA Automediators Association. The association copyright Appraisal Clause Procedures Terms and Conditions are another set of standards that are proprietary to the IAAA. Government Insurance Regulators and Legislators should consider adopting them for use after they get proper permission from the IAAA. The WWW.automediatorsassociation.com website provides a proprietary system to find, trained, tested and certified IAAA/Automediator Umpires who vow to be unbiased to reside over individuals or insurance company invoked Appraisal Clause Hearings. You can read more about the Appraisal Clause by going to the above mentioned website or reading your own Automotive Insurance Policy. The IAAA announced that it is in the process of updating the IAAA/USAAP (Uniform Standards for Automotive Appraisal Procedures) to include standards specific to Diminished Value and Loss of Use. The IAAA has provided training and information about these subjects that date back to Y2K. The IAAA wrote its proprietary set of standards USAAP (Uniform Standards for Automotive Appraisal Procedures), which are the first and foremost since 2007. The USAAP  were completely rewritten in 2011 and proposed to be rewritten by 2014. IAAA provided a re-certification in the association’s USAAP at the AAAIC and documents each member who participated in the training and testing by identifying them on their Membership Certificates. The Find also identifies additional training (CEU) and other IAAA Certifications and designations. IAAA membership and continuing education qualify them under IRS regulations as qualified appraisers. The IRS declaration can be read on their website and also seen at this websites FAQ area. IAAA members who made the trip to the 10th annual AAAIC were treated to an informative question and answer session provided by noted Attorney Bryan Shook ESQ, A PA Attorney who enlightened attendees about being an expert witness. Bryan’s experience in many aspects of automotive law has provided his expertise in cases throughout the United States including Federal Courts. His background fits IAAA members who act as experts in and around the US. His personal automotive background provides an expertise in issues and understanding that wouldn’t always be understood by many other Attorneys. Steve Ferguson of the NADAGuides.com joined us again and discussed various segments of the current market and the future improvements planned for the NADA publications.  Many IAAA members are a part of their Advisory Board who provide valuable data for the NADA Classic, Collectible, Exotic and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide & Directory along with their other publication. The interaction between the speakers gives IAAA members a perspective of the market not available others. Both Steve Ferguson and Bryan Shook are repeat guest speakers. James Moy a NY based expert in automotive damage repair and estimating brought valuable information about auto-body repair estimating as it would pertain to Diminished Value and Loss of Use. The IAAA provided the latest version of the official Apprentice Program that was established in 1997. Apprentices that took part in the IAAA program joined the ranks of independent automotive appraisers and several Mitchell International employees who participated in previous years. Mitchell International is one of the largest commercial appraisal services in the world. The IAAA Apprentice Program is available to a few individuals yearly who qualify through an application process. The IAAA AAAIC coincides with the Barrett-Jackson, RM, Gooding, Bonhams and Russo and Steele Collector Car Auctions that take place in Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ. The AAAIC timing gave attendees as well as apprentices an opportunity to be where the action is, as far as Collector Car Auctions go. The conference has allowed attendees to join Automotive Industry personnel from both the United States and other countries over the years. The event together with the January Scottsdale Auctions offers them awareness, which is not possible at any other event or venue. Appraiser’s that participated honed the skills needed to retain a professional automotive appraiser status or designation. The All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conferencetm is open to all IAAA members and select automotive and industry leaders. It remains the first and foremost Symposium of its kind throughout the world since 2004. Industry Leaders who previously participated include, Bryan Thomas & Doug Del Tondo ESQ’s with the Law firm of Del Tondo and Thomas who specialize in Automotive Insurance Claims law, Erica Eversman attorney specializing in Diminished Value, Lemon Law and Auto Body Repair issues, Stephen C. Ryan & David Wattel attorneys specializing in various parts of auto insurance law, Bryan W. Shook, ESQ an attorney who addressed Collector estate issues. Amy Coren, PHD & ESQ, with expertise in Arbitration and Mediation, Gary Patterson, Vice President of Shelby American, Steve Ferguson ofNADA.Guides.com (NADA Classic, Collectible, Exotic, and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide & Directory), Eric Lawrence Editor of CPI Black Book, along with Alan Colvin author of GM by the Numbers series books. David Burroughs of Bloomington Gold, Kevin Mackay of Corvette Repair, spoke about Corvettes, restoration and the Race Car valuation market, Steven Haas of Ebay Motors, Jerry Rosenstock, ESQ, Pebble Beach VIP & Concours Judge and past President of the Aston Martin Owners Club. Mark Hyman of Hyman Ltd Classic Cars. Carl Nelson of I-Car Western Zone Region, Larry Montanez I-CAR Zone Trainer and P&L Estimating, Consulting and Investigations, James Moy, automotive damage repair expert, Nigel Mathews, Insurance & Licensing Official of British Columbia, Steve Posner, President of Putnam Leasing, Ed Yankowski, Managing Director, Putnam Leasing, John Meldon, President of J.J. Best Banc, Richard Gurien of CARFAXTM, Bob DeKorne of Hagerty Insurance, Steve Haas, Manager of eBay Motors, Tony Lombardozzi of the Coalition for Collision Repair Excellence, Robert Shcolnik of Harris Shcolnik Insurance, Guy McTheny, E & O Ins. specialist, Lance Coren, IAAA & Ferrari NA Appraiser and Tony Monopoli, IAAA Executive Director. The IAAA (International Automotive Appraisers Association) along with the AAAIC (All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conferencetm) are dedicated to Automotive Appraisers and the industry they serve. The IAAA was founded in 1994 making it the largest automotive industry specific association for nearly twenty year. The association provides continuing education, testing and certifications for appraisers pertinent to consumers, insurers and the legal community’s needs.  This sets it apart from other organizations. The IAAA website is only one of the ways to verify member additional training designations.

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