Founding Members

As the founding member, the thought of forming the association occurred after receiving a call from an Arab Sheik who was in need of assistance with an inspection, authentication and acquisition of vehicles located, behind the iron curtain. That instance made me aware of the need for a network of independent qualified appraisers. A project like that is difficult for one appraiser, but time, language and customs can be overcome by appraisers who are unified.

The Appraisers listed here are the Founding Members of our association. Together their vision to provide a means for other appraisers to unite, network and benefit from each others knowledge and experience should be commended. The quality of service provided by all appraisers to the automotive community and the industry itself has been raised through their efforts.

At the risk of sounding self indulgent, I applaud and commend all those involved in forseeing the needs of others and following through to better our hobby.

To steal a statement made by Don Christy, the publisher of the NADA Classic Collectible and Special Interest Car Appraisal Guide, “Our guides help the public level the playing field”. “A qualified appraiser brings this to the next level”.

A.V. Monopoli – Founder

IAAA ID # 100191294 – Donald Avise

IAAA ID # 100002694 – Jaime I Del Valle

IAAA ID # 1000071994 – Anthony Monopoli

IAAA ID # 100231294 – Joseph David Jesser

IAAA ID # 100201294 – Jeremiah Lee Larson

IAAA ID # 100181294 – Robert Lorkowski

IAAA ID # 100221294 – Robert Learned

IAAA ID # 1000251294 – Donald Manfra

IAAA ID # 100171294 – David L. Laigle

IAAA ID # 1000241294 – Roy Rappa