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Auto Appraiser Vol. 15 Issue 1 15-1

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15th Anniversary’


Bloodlines in the Biz

Arbitration Saves Millions

IAA User Forum

2009 Meetings

New Member 2008

Words of Wisdom

RM Speaks


Happy Anniversary IAAA!!!

Everybody at the International Automotive Appraisers Association would like to thank you for your support and dedication to our organization over the past 14 years. The 1AAA, the only group of its kind, was started by a small group of veteran auto appraisers back in 1994. The founding members include, Jamie Del Valle, Joseph Jesser, David Laigle, Jeremiah Lee Larson, Robert Lorkowski and Anthony V. Monopoli.

Through word of mouth and grassroots efforts, the IAAA has become the go-to source when consumers and legal counsel are in need of certified appraisers. We have members across the United States and Canada, and hope to extend our reach beyond North America in the coming years.



Auto Appraiser Vol. 14 Issue 1 14-1

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2008 Dues Notice

AAAIC – Training Auto Mediation


Mitchell and the IAAA 2008 Meetings

New members 2007

Members in the News


Members of the 5th Annual All-Auto-Appraisal -Industry-Conference can participate in training, testing and certification for the USAAP and Umpire Appraisal Clause Hearing procedures.



Auto Appraiser Vol. 13 Issue 1 13-1

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2007 Dues Are Due

Auto Umpire Training

Regional & Online Meetings

Members In The News

New Members of 2006

As 2006 comes to an end, the IAAA’s best way to gauge its accomplishments is to look back. By looking back we can also get a clear picture of what our future holds_ I can’t focus on the economy or the events that are taking place around the world, but I will share some interesting comments made during my interview with Gary Bennett. His name may not ring a bell, but we have all seen him running all over during the Barrett-Jackson auction. He is the guy with the slicked back hair and ponytail. Bennett is the senior automotive specialist with Barrett-Jackson. Gary Bennett: “When I think about Barrett Jackson’s success over the last several years consider, we’ve had 9/11, we had a stock market crash, we had desert Storm, we had a dot com crash and then you can believe that the economy is still in the sh—ter and Barrett


Auto Appraiser Vol. 12 Issue 1 12-1


IAAA names the MVP

AAAIC Hall of Fame

Regional & Online Meetings

Members in the News

New Members


The Second annual AAAIC continued making Appraisal Industry History by braking its previous Speaker and attendee records. The IAAA applauds the AAAIC team, Lance Coren, Jerry Slonsky, BJ Gonzales, Donald Mills and Tony Monopoli for their efforts in producing the conference. The NADA Collector & Classic Price Guides, The CPI Black Book and the VMR Collector Car & Truck Guides and Putnam Leasing Sponsored this year’s event. Its success could be seen in terms of a growing list of industry speakers and attendees.



Auto Appraiser News – Vol. 11 No. 2 – First Quarter 2004

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The Next AAAIC

What makes you an expert?

IAAA Welcomes New Members


2005 Schedule


What the IAAA Has Accomplished in Ten short Years?

The International Automotive Appraisers Association (-I-A-A-A-) was incorporated in 1994. It has unified appraisers, provided recognition for them and became a media by which members could communicate. The IAAA code of ethics gives members a standard by which they can follow sound business practices. The IAAA has provided opportunities for appraisers to test their skills through its Master Appraiser Program. The Apprentice program has been an acceptable means of training and recognized by the State of California’s Compensation retraining program.



Auto Appraiser News – Vol. 11 No. 1 – 11-1

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IAAA names it’s MVP


The First AA.N

Affordable E & 0 Insurance

New Members

IAAA Meetings

The IAAA produced the Inaugural All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference 1/23/04

Tony Monopoli introduced Steve Ferguson as the AAAIC first speaker by saying, “He gave me the inspiration to start the conference back in 1995, and I just took what he started to the next level.”



Auto Appraiser News – Vol. 10 No. 3 – 10-3

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2004 Dues are Due “December”

A Look at Hershey & SEMA

Affordable E & 0 Insurance

New Members

IAAA Meetings


IAAA Celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2004

Join the IAAA at our 10th Anniversary celebration in Scottsdale, AZ, during the Barrett Jackson event. Our 2004 annual West Coast Meeting and training session will take place at the Hagerty Lounge on the auction grounds. The meeting starts at 9:00am Saturday Morning.



Auto Appraiser News Volume 10 Issue 2 10 2

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Affordable E & 0 Insurance

Carlisle & West Palm


The Future Of NHRA


IAAA Meetings

The IAAA Carlisle Meeting

Members who came to the Spring Carlisle meeting, Saturday April 26th witnessed Joseph D. Jesser receiving the IAAA MVP Award. The IAAA decorated a cake for the occasion. The celebration cheered member’s spirits on a rainy Saturday in PA. Joe is always there for our association. He promotes us and provided prime space for the IAAA to display at Hershey, Carlisle and Auburn.


Auto Appraiser News Issue 4 9-4

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IAAA Training & Standards

Your Rights have Been Violated

Client Disclosure by Dentico

IAAA Gear Store Opens

Roster Updates

Your Dues Indicator

I ask that all IAAA members should take a moment of silence for all who died September 11, 2001 in NY, PA and Washington DC.

Joe Jesser and I visited the sight of the Twin Towers in November. This image you see was taken off the Internet, because I couldn’t bring myself to photograph the sight.



Auto Appraiser News Volume 9 Issue 3 9-3

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Dues Notice Enclosed

Your Rights “Copy Rights” P2

Auburn Car Corral

IAAA Posts industry Info

IAAA Member News & USA Today


Who Your Work Belongs to?

The last 2 issues of the Auto-Appraiser News dealt with potential legal problems. This issue hits on what rights you may or may not have concerning your reports (appraisals




Auto Appraiser News Volume 9 Issue 1 9-1

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Appraising Legalities, U and Disclaimers

IAAA Code of Ethics are enclosed

Meeting-Workshop Scottsdale, 2002

AACA 15th Annual Trade Show


Tony Monopoli

It is understood that I am not offering legal advice or acting as an attorney in writing about Disclaimers. Discuss this information with your attorney. It is understood that the AA.N, along with its agents who offer any input what so ever, will not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions.


Auto Appraiser News Volume 8 Issue 4  8-4

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Hershey Meeting 2001

Meeting-Workshop Scottsdale, 2002

Mecum, Hershey Auctions coverage.

Tony Monopoli on the Ferrari

History of our industry tells us that the Crash of the market of 87 brought the benchmark Ferrari’s to their knees. But weren’t they overpriced anyway? In the process of appraising a large collection of 12 Cylinder Ferrari’s a few years after the crash, I uncovered some interesting facts.


Auto Appraiser News – Vol 8 Issue 1  8-1

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The First AZ Meeting

Kruse Auctions, Scottsdale, AZ


Dave Bayoski wrote about our first East Coast Meeting, which took place October during the AACA Hershey Fall event.